Individual Job Seekers

Individual Job Seekers

If you are looking for work, LearnCache courses can help you identify your skills, research your field and occupation, develop your résumé and target specific employers.

Our courses are designed to be worked on independently, however some students work on these courses with the support of a career counsellor.

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Case Study

Carol had an old résumé.  When she decided that it was time to do an update, she registered for a “Résumé Writing” course with LearnCache.

Carol reviewed the "table of contents" and decided to complete the following:

  1. The “Career Documents” checklist, to help her gather all of the material she needed to update her résumé
  2. The “Career History Charts” lesson, so she had a summary of all her skills and experiences
  3. The "Accomplishment Identification" task, so she had a list of her accomplishments to add to her résumé
  4. The “Research” section, because she wanted to make sure she had current information about her field, as well as a list of keywords to use on her résumé

Carol knew she wanted to continue using a chronological style résumé; therefore she didn't need the information in sections 4 and 5 of the course.  She moved ahead to section 7, “Content and Format” because she really wanted to improve the wording of the bullet points on her résumé.  

Then by working through the tasks in section 8, "Content Development", she developed new bullet points and improved the wording of the bullet points on her old résumé.

She worked through the lessons “Develop a Chronological Style Résumé” and “Edit and Format a Chronological Style Résumé” to make sure she hadn't missed anything.

Finally, Carol completed the checklists “Content Evaluation” and “Format Evaluation” so she was sure that her résumé was ready to send out.

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