Career Counsellors

Career Counsellors

As a career counsellor or résumé developer, you can use LearnCache courses with your clients.

Course Goal:  To provide you with a consistent, standardized resource that you can use to prepare your clients so they can work with you as a partner in the résumé development process.

Steps: You can have clients prepare for their meetings with you by working through a LearnCache course independently or with your guidance. Your clients can work through the entire résumé writing course or you can ask them to complete specific sections or activities outlined in the "Table of Contents”.  For example, you can have clients complete specific tasks such as career research, skill identification or résumé style selection. 

Outcomes:  Résumé development is focused and efficient, saving you time; clients become increasingly self-sufficient in managing their own résumés; clients develop technical skills and are able to add “online learning” to their résumés.

Case Study:  You are helping Eleanor develop her résumé.  You notice that she is using a traditional chronological style.  Because she is looking for work in a new field, you think perhaps a skills-based résumé may work better.  You also notice that she hasn't used many action words.

You help her set up an account in the LearnCache "Résumé Writing" course.  You suggest that she work through the “Résumé Style Options” section and review the example résumés.  Eleanor decides that a functional style résumé would be her best option.  You then ask her to complete the “Transferable Skills” checklist, saving or printing her answers.  You work together to review the lesson “Content Writing – Steps” and begin writing bullet points drawing on her responses to the “Transferable Skills” checklist.  

When Eleanor has a draft résumé, you suggest that she work through the “Content Evaluation” and “Format Evaluation” checklists in the LearnCache course.  Finally, you suggest that she spend some time reviewing the final section of the course to learn more about targeting her résumé.

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